Glitch in the Heart

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Join the military android Galene and the scrappy techpunk Vektor as a flourishing relationship between human and robot unfolds in the grip of the sinister Corporation this Valentines Season 2019 in Brave Frontier!


Each mission in the Vortex Dungeon has special rules enforced when playing. Such rules include the following:

• Fixed Squad
• No continues

Bring along either Galene (Summon) or Vektor (obtainable from the Event Bazaar) with you to “Scrapping Security” and gain bonus tokens when you complete the mission!

Earn exclusive spheres that can be upgraded further to increase the effects to boost your units.

MK1.png  Excelsior MK-I
MK2.png  Excelsior MK-II
MK3.png  Excelsior MK-III


For more details on the Glitch in the Heart Vortex Dungeon click HERE

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