Vortex Arena Rules

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Vortex Arena Battles:

  • Each Vortex Arena match consumes a Vortex Arena Orb. Vortex Arena Orbs recover every 60 minutes, up to a maximum of 6 Orbs.
  • Every Vortex Arena Battle won, Tournament Points (or TP) are added.


Vortex Arena Battle Rules:

  • Only a squad made of specific elemental units are allowed to join:
    • Infernal Showdown: Fire Units
    • Nautical Showdown: Water Units
    • Terrestrial Showdown: Earth Units
    • Electrical Showdown: Thunder Units
    • Luminous Showdown: Light Units
    • Tenebrous Showdown: Dark Units

During a Vortex Arena battle, Summoners are NOT able to:

  • Control units during battle. (Units will perform attacks on their own discretion.)
  • Use any items during the battle.
  • Victory goes to the squad able to knock out all members of the opposing squad within the time limit.

If neither team is defeated within the time limit, the winning team will be decided according to the following sequence of conditions:

  • The team with the greater number of surviving Units.
  • The team with the greatest remaining HP.
  • The team that inflicted the greatest total damage.


Vortex Arena Battle Points:

Tournament Points (TP) increases with victories in Vortex Arena battles & decreases with defeats.

Get more TP by defeating participants with a higher TP rank than that of your own. The max amount of TP obtainable is 200 while the minimum amount is 25 when winning a battle. A fixed amount TP of 10 is given to participant when losing to an opponent.

TP will only go up when a player attacks another player. Defensive wins or losses do not affect TP.

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