[BF Update] Rune Story Collaboration

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Worlds collide as Rune Story's heroine Mira jumps into the realm of Grand Gaia! Join her in her adventures as she battles evil and triumphs over the darkness!

Rune Story Log-in Campaign:

Log-in from January 30, 0:00 until February 8, 23:59 PST and get these awesome rewards:
Day 1 - 1 Set of Elemental Gods
Day 2 - 1 Set of Elemental Totems and 2 Miracle Totems
Day 3 - 2 Sets of Elemental Crystals
Day 4 - 3 Burst Frogs and 5 Crescent Dew
Day 5 - 1 Mira Unit
Day 6 - 1 Sphere Frog
Day 7 - 3 Burst Emperors and 3 Almighty Imps
Rune Story Share Event:
Aim for Mira's Holy Relic by sharing Brave Frontier - Rune Story Collaboration post.

For more details about the news, visit our Official Announcement

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