New 7 Star Units: Savia, Jed and Leviora with SRS+!

gumi Support Team -

Let the powers of Savia, Jed and Leviora guide you in your fight against the forces of evil!

From November 30, 07:00 PST, take the chance to summon Savia, Jed and Leviora with these awesome promos:

  • Super Rare Summon Plus:
    • Minimum of 5-stars and higher chance to get 6-stars.
    • Get a Bonus unit for every 5 Summons (Griff batch onwards).
    • Bonus will be sent to the Presents Box.


  • All promos will run from Nov. 30, 07:00 PST until Dec 4, 06:59 PST!
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