[Event] Special Summon Buffer Units!

gumi Support Team -

Heroes will be categorized based on their special abilities. Increased Summon Rates Up will be activated on these schedules.

ATK/DEF Buffer Units
October 7, 07:00 PST - October 8, 06:59 PST
Ultor, Toutetsu, Nadore, Iris, Duran

BB/BC Buffer Units
October 8, 07:00 PST - October 9, 06:59 PST
Bestie, Medina, Rineth, Libera, Andaria

Crit Buffer Units
October 9, 07:00 PST - October 10, 06:59 PST
Kira, Reis, Griff, Yuura, Hadaron

Spark Buffer Units
October 10, 07:00 PST - October 11, 06:59 PST
Rhoa, Raaga, Mahalu, Nemethgear, Zedus

Support Units
October 11, 07:00 PST - October 12, 06:59 PST
Kafka, Krantz, Quartz, Balgran, Aurelia
For more details visit our Official Announcement.


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