[Event] Get Ready for Frontier Hunter EX Season 17

gumi Support Team -

Another Summon Gate has been opened for the preparation for Frontier Hunter EX Season 17. 

Take advantage of FRONTIER SUMMON and be aided exclusively by these following units:

Quaid, Feeva, Medina, Rosetta, Nemethgear, Raaga, Orna, Lucca, Shida, Ruby,
Lava, Zenia, Kira, Will, Dion

This event will only last until August 28, 2015 19:59 PST. 

Summon Ticket cannot be used for this Special Summon Gate.
Minimum of 5 stars and and each summon will only cost 6 Gems.
Summon Pool is limited to the mentioned Units.

For more details about the Frontier Summon, you can visit our Official Announcement.

You can also take advantage of our Super Fusion Rates Up for your new units! You can check out our article about Super Fusion Rates Up!.

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