[Event] Strengthen your Squad with these Units!

gumi Support Team -

Great news Summoner! 

From August 8 7:00 PST ~ August 13, 2015 6:59 PST Great Lucius has allowed an increased rates to the following units with special abilities.

August 8, 7:00 until August 9, 6:59 PST
-Summon Critical Buffer Units: Reis, Colt, Yuura, Kira and Dion
August 9, 7:00 until August 10, 6:59 PST
-Summon BB/BC Buffer Units: Oguro, Feeva, Ruby, Bestie, Medina and Diana
August 10, 7:00 until August 11, 6:59 PST
-Summon Spark Buffer Units: Kagura, Raaga, Claire, Tazer and Nemethgear
August 11, 7:00 until August 12, 6:59 PST
-Summon Support Units: Aaron, Rinon, Ivris, Balgran and Vernil
August 12, 7:00 until August 13, 6:59 PST
-Summon ATK/DEF Buffer Units: Quaid, Toutetsu, Zerafalgar, Kanon, Rize and Magnazorda

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