[ALERT] Server Maintenance - July 23, 2015

gumi Support Team -

Dear Summoner,

To ensure a smooth implementation of the new updates included in the new game version. Please be reminded that the Server Maintenance was moved to July 23, 2015 00:00 PST. 

Here are the contents of the upcoming Server Maintenance

• Client Version update to 1.3.4
• Permanent Frontier Gate on Randall
• New 7 star evolution for Edea, Alice and Loch
• New 7 star evolution for Ultor and Tridon
• Raid X2 (Will be released later in the week)
• Frontier Hunter EX Season 16 (Will be activated later on the day)
• Otherworldly Legends - Bestie, Vernil, Toutetsu, Kagura, Nemethgear, Reis (Will be released later in the week)

To avoid encountering any game related issues, please refrain from logging in to the game during the maintenance period. 

For more details about this news, visit our Official Announcement.

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