Witch of the Abyss

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Witch of the Abyss is another Brave Frontier Global exclusive. This event was held during the Valentines Day, Feb. 13, 09:00 PST to Feb. 18, 08:59 PST.

In order to save Fei, Huntress Fang needs the Summoner's help to save her beloved from the cursed of the Abyss Witch.

Two (2) missions were opened. Clearing level 4 mission gives you the following:

  • 1 Gem
  • Chance to get Burst Frog, Imps and 4 star Cursed Fei


  • Cursed Fei (4-star) can be obtained from the event dungeon.
  • Fang (4 and 5-star) can be obtained from the Rare Summon Gate.
  • Cursed Fei (4-star) can be evolved into Blighted Fei (5-star). And will soon get his 6-star form!
  • Fei and Fang couple unit (6-star) will require Blighted Fei (5-star).
  • Fang is waiting for you! Head to the Rare Summon Gate and take advantage of the INCREASED RATES for the 4* and 5* form of Fang with a guaranteed 4* or 5* Fang for every 10 summons from Feb. 13, 08:00 PST until Feb. 16, 07:59 PST!
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