[Event] Elemental Heroes Return!

gumi Support Team -

Elemental Heroes are now back to join our Grand Gaia adventures! 

NOW is the time to seize the opportunity and harness their power. Gear up and prepare to battle Stya, Galant, Alma, Nemia, Zeln, and Oboro on these schedules.

Date:July 15, 00:00 - July 16, 23:59 PST
The Truncheon Wielding Warrior - Galant
Flower in the Frost - Stya

Date:July 17, 00:00 - July 18, 23:59 PST
Lady of the Iron Fist - Nemia
When Lightning Strikes - Zeln

Date:July 19, 00:00 - July 20, 23:59 PST
The Lone Traveller - Alma
Dweller in the Darkness - Oboro

Prepare your best units and #BeALegendNow!

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