[ALERT] Server Maintenance - May 28, 2015

gumi Support Team -

Greetings Summoner!

A new era has come and is about to change our lives in Grand Gaia! To give way to the coming of a new era in Grand Gaia, Please be informed that there will be a Scheduled Server Maintenance on May 28, 01:00.

You're about to explore the following

  • New Map: Bariura
  • New Arena Rank & Random Rule
  • Grand Gaia Chronicles: Kikuri & Sefia
    • Blades & Blossom
  • Metal Parade
    • Super Metal Parade: Minimum King
    • Mega Metal Parade: Minimum God
  • Jewel Parade
    • Super Jewel Parade: Minimum king
    • Mega Jewel Parade: Minimum god
  • Imp Parade

During this time, please refrain from trying to access the game to avoid experiencing any complications or problems with your game account.

For more details about the new era, you can check out our official announcement

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