[Event] The Athensphere Crusade!

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The battle for Athensphere crusade rages on and your help is needed from May 22, 8:00 PST ~ 27 7:59 PST. Join the Athensphere Crusade and get a chance to be rewarded greatly!

Event Mechanics:

  • Players need to run a Soul Bound Saga dungeon with any of the SBS unit (Ultor, Tridon, Andaria, Hadaron, Zedus or Aurelia) on their squad. Can be 1 unit or more.
  • Players need to add a short description as to why they chose that SBS unit for their squad.
  • Player ID is a requirement for the entry to be valid. Otherwise, entry will be disqualified.
  • Players can submit multiple entries but can only win once.
  • Submit your entries here: http://goo.gl/wB0MmQ

 For more details about this battle, read our official announcement here.

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