[Event] Prepare for Frontier Hunter EX Season 14!

gumi Support Team -

Hello Summoner!

Frontier Hunter EX Season 14 is finally open from May 19, 02:00 PST – May 24, 1:59 PST.

Generous rewards are waiting all Summoners who will make their way up to the top!

  • HR 37 – x3 Burst Emperor
  • HR 38 – Summoner Key (Fairly reduces amount of BB gauge needed & fills it slightly each turn)
  • HR 39 – x3 Sphere Frog
  • HR 40 – Eternal Armor (50% boost to max HP, boosts efficiency and drop rate of HC & recovers HP every turn)
  • HR 41 – 5-star Eriole (Lord)

For more details about this cool news, you can check out our official announcement.

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