[Event] The Return of the Soul Bound Saga

gumi Support Team -

Athensphere Heroes are back as they as they conquer their respective rivals and overcome each Soul Bound Saga dungeon in Vortex from April 5, 07:00 - April 11, 06:59 PST (April 5, 08:00 PDT - April 11, 07:59 PDT). 

Obtain the hidden strength of the demigods by capturing Cyclaw, Hydraloid, Netherhound, Euryalis and Grievesnare.

In addition, take advantage of their increased summon rates up from April 6, 07:00 - April 9, 06:59 PST (April 6, 08:00 PDT - April 9, 07:59 PDT).

To know more about the event, visit our official announcement here.

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