I am getting a "REDOWNLOAD_MST_FILES" error message, what should I do?

gumi Support Team -

There are a few factors involved if you have experienced this error. Here are the possible causes and fix:

  1. The game is not downloading / installing necessary files.
    • This sometimes happens if you don't have enough memory for the client. To fix the issue, make sure that you have sufficient phone memory when downloading an update
  2. Game is saved on your phone's memory card
    • If your client is saved on your external memory, we best advise to transfer the client to your phone's internal memory and run the game. 
    • If transferring files are not permitted by your device, uninstall the game completely and reinstall in o your phone's internal memory.
  3. Device's Operating System (OS) is not updated.
    • Make sure to check your device operating system is updated and try to re-launch the game

If you are still encountering the issue after following the tips mentioned above, please send us your concern, here

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