Raid Battle Closed Beta is NOW Up!

gumi Support Team -

A new challenge has come in Grand Gaia. Prepare as Raid Battle Closed Beta is finally here. Starting March 2, 21:00 PST (and will run for approximately 5 days), test your might and skills, form your strategy, coordinate and fight alongside other Summoners. Head to the Raid Battle NOW and overcome the extreme challenges that awaits you.

• This is only the Raid Battle Closed Beta, limited to 10,000 randomly selected users.
• List of the 10,000 Raid Closed Beta testers can be found HERE.
• Currently no level limitation, but on the full launch, there will be minimum requirement of level 100 to enter Raid.
• Progress (RC, unlocked quests) during the Raid Closed Beta will be retained and can be continued on the full launch.

Any feedback regarding issues encountered during Raid Closed Beta would be much appreciated. Please post your concern on this LINK with the following details:

  • Player ID
  • User name
  • Issue description
  • Screenshot regarding the issue (if available)

Good luck and have a great time, Summoners!

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  • Avatar
    Alex Vang

    Player ID: 6148010658
    Username: Haicat

    Issue: Only issue is the fact that you cannot get past the boss in Moize Plains Lv. 1. There is no Congratulations or anything that tells you that you defeated the boss, it just keeps reviving. Other than this, no other real issue.

  • Avatar
    Edward Delira

    ID: 8389132927
    IGN: M96
    Boss was defeated, but raid mode continued and the boss continuously respawned

  • Avatar

    raid battle, progress is not recorded, killed the boss but the quest is not completed. done this on first two quest.


  • Avatar

    ID: 97350034
    IGN: Kirito
    Issue: Same issue with Meru-Meru, after I defeated it so many time but it seems like I cannot get an accomplishment from this quest either.

  • Avatar
    Fadhlil Khaliq

    After Elmesa was defeated, the quest did not get completed at all.

  • Avatar
    Matt Atknsn

    ID: 103 9970322
    IGN: Sturm
    - Unable to clear missions 1 & 3 even though I've defeated the boss numerous times (5++)... am able to clear mission 4 though (Gogoma(sp?)) with 5 kills counted

    • random lock-up (30secs) when tapping the screen (no dirt and other processes while running BF
  • Avatar
    Nadiya Mcclure

    ID: 2387127951
    IGN: Knight
    Same issue as most others, Edelma is on continuous revive loop and quest can't be completed.

  • Avatar

    ID: 70414313
    IGN: Kyrovin
    Issue 1: Quest does not clear after raid boss (Eldelma) is defeated. Instead Revives with full health.

  • Avatar

    Player ID : 0730487969
    Username: Goach
    Issue description: The first raid class mission is to defeat Edelma, a fire-type boss in Luminous Forest. I have beaten it numerous times (I think I'm on my 9th run?), but the client says I am still at 0/1 Edelma kills. Additionally, after a short delay, Edelma will respawn and you will be forced into combat (Probably not a bug).

  • Avatar
    Spudman 97

    ID: 2041283753
    IGN: MgLlama
    Issue 1: Defeating boss does not clear quest~

  • Avatar
    Poul Wen

    ID : 0732143840

    Issue :
    -Unable to complete quest even when the boss is defeated.
    -sometimes the action is freeze for a few secs.

  • Avatar

    ID: 14151203
    IGN: Pico
    Issue Description:
    Unable to Complete quest in the First Mission against Edelma. Killed him few times but in Quest still shows 0/1 Edelma. And game is a bit laggy. Connection issues from time to time.

  • Avatar
    Mariuz Rubia Tamargo

    ID :8422619009
    IGN: Ayemare
    issue : stuck on stand by, while others are on "on a quest"

  • Avatar
    Kota150 180

    ID: 2697160697
    User Name: Kota
    Can't complete quest, bear theboss several times and nothing.
    I hace screenshots but i don't see how to post them.

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