Raid Battle Closed Beta is NOW Up!

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A new challenge has come in Grand Gaia. Prepare as Raid Battle Closed Beta is finally here. Starting March 2, 21:00 PST (and will run for approximately 5 days), test your might and skills, form your strategy, coordinate and fight alongside other Summoners. Head to the Raid Battle NOW and overcome the extreme challenges that awaits you.

• This is only the Raid Battle Closed Beta, limited to 10,000 randomly selected users.
• List of the 10,000 Raid Closed Beta testers can be found HERE.
• Currently no level limitation, but on the full launch, there will be minimum requirement of level 100 to enter Raid.
• Progress (RC, unlocked quests) during the Raid Closed Beta will be retained and can be continued on the full launch.

Any feedback regarding issues encountered during Raid Closed Beta would be much appreciated. Please post your concern on this LINK with the following details:

  • Player ID
  • User name
  • Issue description
  • Screenshot regarding the issue (if available)

Good luck and have a great time, Summoners!

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    Cannot complete quests, after killing boss it does not record the progress that the boss is killed

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    ID: 7375960345
    IGN: Nachos
    Problem: Unable to complete the objective for Moize Plains Lv. 1. After killing Edelma, no "area Complete" message is flashed. If you keep your player on the Edelma's square, he keeps respawning after a small delay.

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    1st quest doesnt end after deafeating boss. Defeated boss twice and nothing happened

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    The issue is that one of the bosses edalam is on a continuous revive loop, where we can't kill him and even if we do he just revives so the quest never ends. Also if you could give me instructions on how to post screenshots, that would be great

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    i am having having the same problem where the game does not record the bosses death and the fight just goes on repeat

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    Josh Knightsen

    I am having the issue as well where the boss isnt defeated and constantly respawns

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    Player ID: 2321719938
    User name: Ambi

    Issue description: Cannot access raid battle. When clicking the icon, the screen goes black for a minute and then returns to the home screen. I was one of the selected beta testers.

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    Sam Mool Kim

    Occasionally when I enter a room, it says "unable to retrieve room data" or "unable to retrieve user data"

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    ID: 6080569134
    User name: Bennett

    Edelma is glitched. Every time the boss is killed it ends up in an endless loop of repeatedly fighting it over and over. Sure, you go back to the map, but the mission does not end. You just fight him again at the same spot.

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    Uru Mukuro

    Player ID : 8869309785
    Username : Vractre

    Issue : so far, i try quest no 1 and 2 starting from above.. but all of them bugged, cant clear quest as them keep reviving...

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    Jamal Mims

    user name: BillboyJ
    cannot complete raid mission. i have beaten the first boss more then 10x and nothing is happening

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    Cannot complete first mission despite beating the boss multiple times.

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    Dwyne Quiñones

    ID: 5477049733
    IGN: Reijun

    Unexpected error when "Beacon" was used and as what the others experienced, Endless loop of Edelma Quest.

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    ID: 2252086684
    IGN: Deckard

    Much like everyone else her, cannot defeat overworld bosses and it's perhaps the first of many issues to come. Only the Granomos mission works at the moment considering they're random encounters.

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    XinYuan Blanc

    ID: 8245597814
    IGN: Blanc
    RC1 mission 1 Fire Eater boss Edelma is unbeatable, have fought him more than 5 times already.

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    ID: 97350034
    IGN: Kirito
    Issue: I have killed Dalmogia on Raid 2nd quest more than 6 times but it won't let me win and move on. . .guess it is bugged right now.

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    Dan Hawj

    ID: 15940974
    IGN: iUnicorn
    Issue: Unable to clear quest. Stuck in an endless loop where the raid boss comes back to life even after defeating it.

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    ID: 3360703
    User name: LoveSick

    Edelma is glitched. Every time the boss is killed it ends up in an endless loop of repeatedly fighting it over and over.

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    Kurisu Kaga

    ID: 3373142854
    IGN: Kadenrou
    Problem: Quest 2 Boss Dalmogia after being defeated isnt updating the quest mission.
    Screenshots :

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    ID: 4828679757
    IGN: farizas
    Issue: cannot access raid battle. When clicking the raid battle icon, the screen goes black for a second and then backs to the home screen.

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    Cam Hamblen

    ID: 97168366
    IGN: Cellbis
    Can't complete the first mission I've beat the fire eater boss several times

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    Ken Mizu

    ID: 1827757005
    IGN: Ken Mizu
    ISSUE: Same as what other have been experiencing above. Boss kills are not recorded, thus the quests does not end. Also, after a set period of time, "dead" boss will respawn and auto-engage you when you stay on the same spot for too long (roughly between 10 secs - 1 min). Boss issue the same with all others.

    Everything else is fine for now. Connections are quick (Well, we only have 10k players on raids), Harvesting is how it should be, sythesizing is the same. Will keep an eye out on other issue.

    ~Ken Mizu

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    Peter Chan

    ID: 0934257918
    IGN: Liu723
    Issue: Despite killing the boss in the first quest, the quest is not completed.

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    Yuxin Wu

    Cannot kill the Eldelma
    If choose other quest and press because lag the raid will say cannot find raid file or somthing

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    Andy Bim

    Cant finish the quest after killing the boss on the first raid quest
    Id : 6951959827
    Ign: Squall24

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    ID : 1503402553
    IGN : Lozoro
    Same problem here, endless respawn boss...

    This Lozoro, reporting from Singapore :)

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    Maximilianus Darmadi

    ID: 426117357
    IGN: Darth
    Issue: Quest not completed after the boss defeated

  • Avatar
    Andy Bim

    Also raid button is missing
    Ign squall24
    Id 6951959827

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    Benjamin Woo

    ID: 9246529171
    IGN: Benjajay
    Issue 1 : Defeating boss does not clear the quest, boss keeps reviving after a short delay.
    Issue 2 : Edelma's attack name display remains on-screen even though Edelma's turn ended.

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    I.d 22586640
    Name: varris

    After the boss dies on raid battle 1 quest is not completed and respawns after a short while.

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