How to Create a Room in Raid Battle?

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To create a room in Raid Battle, please follow the guide below. But please make sure that you already reached the required level in order to enter Raid Battle. Required level to unlock Raid Battle is level 40.

1. Open your Brave Frontier app and tap the Raid Battle menu.

2. After opening you will be brought to the Raid Battle home page, enter WORLD1.

3. In order to create a room, tap Open Room.

4. After clicking the Open Room, you will be brought to Step 1 of the Set-up page where in you need to specify your Playing Style and Lowest RC requirement and tap Next. (don't worry, you can change it later)

5. For step 2, you need to indicate if your room will be available to the public or will only be available to you and your friends.


6. If you want to expel other summoner from the room you created, tap On. Otherwise, tap Off and hit Next.

7. Lastly, if you want to say something about your room or make your room as detailed as possible, you can type in your comment on the box and hit Open Room.

8. After clicking  the Open Room, you will be ask if you still want to proceed. Make sure to read the instruction and tap Yes.

9. After hitting Open Room, you will be able to see the Room you've created. Tap the Select Friend to select your friend reinforcement.

10. Select the quest that you would like to finish.(ex. Two Decades of Rancor)

11. After selecting the quest and if you have decided which quest you will take, tap Select.

12. Once the members are all ready, you can now click Mobilize

13. If you want to proceed with the quest, tap Yes.

If you want to know more about Raid Battle, you can visit our article here. 

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