How to avoid accidentally selling or fusing away your important units?

gumi Support Team -

Identify which are important units and mostly were from

  • Rare Summon Gate
  • Honor Summon Gate
  • From Quest or Vortex Maps
  • From Trials
  • Evolution Materials such as Totems, Mimics, Pots, etc and etc.
  • Sphere Frogs / Burst Frogs


By clicking the Favorite button on the unit will save your unit from being accidentally sold or fuse. Putting it on your Favorite will remove it from the list of units when fusing or selling units.

1. Go to Units > View Units and click Add Favorite.

2. There will be a confirmation if you have managed to successfully add it to your favorites. 

Note: We highly recommend doing this method whenever you have summoned or obtained new units even if you are not eagerly using them in your squads to prevent from selling or trading the unit.

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