Using Gems to Continue in a Quest

gumi Support Team -

Did you know that you can use a gem to revive your squad if they get defeated in a quest? While you might not always want to do this each time you are defeated, this might come in handy when you are in a particularly tough quest that you’d rather not repeat from the start.

Note: There are certain quests that do not allow continues by using gems when defeated. When you revive your squad using a gem, they will be restored to full HP and their Brave Burst gauges will be at the maximum as an extra benefit to help you finish off your opponent.

Each continue costs 1 gem so think about it first before using too many gems on a certain quest. If a certain quest is hard to finish we highly recommend adding new friend helpers in order to lessen the difficulty of the quest. Check out the article on how to add friends in-game here.

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