How can I perform Clear User Data?

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One of our troubleshooting process involves clearing the user data of the game in order to fix certain issues such as but not limited to:

• Connection Errors
• Log-in Issues
• etc.

Clear User Data Proper

Warning: Be sure to link your account to a Facebook account before doing this as it will log out your account and will be hard to retrieve your account information if you do not remember your account credentials

Here are the following steps in order to clear the device user data:

1. In the title screen, in the bottom of the support button you will see "Clear User Data"


2. Tap on it and a message box will appear.


3. Tap yes and this will proceed to clear the user's details stored in your device..

4. Once the process is finished. You are can either log in by tapping on the screen OR logging in using your Facebook account.

Tip: Always try to remember your Player ID especially when encountering issues with your account. Take a screenshot of the Title Screen when your account is already logged in your device!

If you still encounter any issues do not hesitate to contact us via our Game Support page.

Reminder: The title screen background image is subjected to change based on Brave Frontier's current event or version but the method or procedure will remain the same until further notice or update in this article.

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