How can I perform Clear User Data?

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Clearing the User Data is a helpful feature that can remedy or fix account related issues such as login problems and more. Please be reminded that before performing the said procedure please be sure that you are aware of the precaution and risk that you are currently doing. Anyway if you want to know how to do it then please continue reading the article.

Clear User Data Proper

Before the proceeding, make sure that your Brave Frontier account is linked to Facebook to be able to restore your progress afterwards. If not, please refrain from performing this method.

1. To activate Clear User Data, tap and hold the top center of the title screen as shown in the image above for 5 to 10 seconds or until the Clear User Date button or notification has appeared.
2. You will be asked to proceed, choose and tap Yes once you are decided.
3. The system will reset the game's data and restart the client
4. Continue and check if this has resolved your issue. It may take you a second app restart to properly refresh the game.

Reminder: The title screen background image is subjected to change based on Brave Frontier's current event or version but the method or procedure will remain the same until further notice or update in this article.

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