How can I recover my Slots Reel Frontier account using my Facebook account?

gumi Support Team -

Just a reminder, if you are really sure that you linked your Slots Reel Frontier account to a Facebook account then you can proceed. This method only works for Facebook linked game accounts, so if you are using Guest instead then please do not do any of the instructions stated in this article.

Account Recovery Proper

  1. Delete or uninstall Slots Reel Frontier completely from your device.
  2. Make sure that your Facebook profile is currently logged in your Facebook app. (The one linked to your Slots Reel Frontier account)
  3. Install the Slots Reel Frontier again from your platform app store.
  4. Launch or open Slots Reel Frontier after the installation.
  5. Choose Facebook Login.

After doing the stated method. The app should automatically retrieve all necessary information from your game account and completely restore your progress afterwards, if successful. If you failed to restore your progress after multiple attempts, please do no hesitate to contact us via our Game Support page so we can assist you.

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