Give your friends some love, or COINS.

gumi Support Team -

If you want to give your friends some love or Coins in this sense, you will just need to choose from these two (2) ways;

Via Social Bar

1. From your Social Bar, which is located at the bottom of the screen. If you see a Gift Box icon on your Friends' avatar, that means that you can send them gifts. See the red and yellow indicators below.

2. Just tap the avatar/gift box to send them gifts and they will receive it right away.

Via Friendlist

1. Open the Menu, you can do this by tapping the upper left corner of the screen.
2. After opening the Menu go to the Friends category. You will see the image below after doing so.

3. Just tap on the Send Gift button and you will be able to send gifts to your friends.

Disclaimer: As we stated Gifts, it means "Coins" and nothing else in this specific topic. This is to avoid confusion or relating it to the other features of Slots Reel Frontier.


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