Is there basic troubleshooting for Slots Reel Frontier?

gumi Support Team -

As much as the Game Support team want to address each of the end-user's concern. It is also best that you guys can also know how to do basic troubleshooting so you can do the first attempt to fix most of the basic issues in the game. In this way we can all resolve each issue faster and continue enjoying the game.

Most basic problem can be corrected just by the following procedure;

  • Restarting the App, just be sure to fully close the game and it is not running in the background. (May take several tries)
  • If restarting the app does not work, kindly try to restart the device itself in an attempt to see if a certain problem is fixable in this way since restarting the device will refresh the system.

If the said two basic procedure does not work, that is the only time that we really recommend sending us your concern through our Game Support page, so we can have a look at it.

Some basic issues can be the following;

  • Sudden game crash
  • Connectivity Issue
  • Missing Feature, Unit, Resources
  • Game Freeze
  • Latency and Slowness
  • and more...
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