Honor Summon Gate

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In Brave Frontier, you can summon common quest units and the more valuable Starter units (Vargas, Eze, Lance, Selena, Atro, Magress) from the Honor Summon Gate. There are also events that allow you to summon other special units from the gate such as Metal units.

The Honor Summon Gate uses Honor which you can acquire from questing with friends, having friends use your leader for their quests or from daily gifts sent by friends. The number on your “Summon” button indicates the number of Honor summons you have available.

Summoning Proper

To use the Honor Summon Gate, follow these steps:

1. Tap Summon.

2. Swipe left or right to switch from the Rare Summon Gate to the Honor Summon Gate.
3. Tap Summon.

4. Tap Summon or Multi-Summon (this does up to 10 quick summons in a row if you have the honor available for it).

Get more honor by bringing your friends along during quests. To learn how to add friends, please go read the article about Adding Friends.

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