[Advisory] Recent Brave Frontier Game Crashes

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Attention Summoners,

We are currently aware that some of you guys are experiencing some crashes during gameplay within the last 24 hour time period. In line with this, we would like to inform and assure all of you that the Brave Frontier Global Team is already looking into the situation and looking for a fix at the soonest possible time. Rest assured that we are working round-the-clock to address the issue so all of you can return to your uninterrupted gaming experience in Brave Frontier.

Aside from that, we would like to gather information so we can easily determine the cause of the problem. For those who have experienced game crashes please send us the following details using the comment section below;

  • Platform/OS
  • Device
  • Specific Unit/Map/Item/Feature/etc where you experienced the crash
  • Error Message (if there is any)
  • Date of occurrence
  • Number of occurrence (How many time did you experience the crash)


Update as of 2014-09-02

We will be closing down the comment section now. Thanks for the generous feedback that you gave us, it is truly much appreciated. Fix will be available soon with an update. Thank you.

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  • Avatar

    Samsung Galaxy Note II
    Quest.. 1 more game to level up co's Im running out of time on the vortex area.
    Someone Called. The Application started. Wipping all of my energy reason y i used 1 gem just to play the vortex. / Sudden Crashed all the time
    24 hours and counting
    Cant count anymore,

  • Avatar
    Spring Roberts

    Android 4.4 Kitkat
    Nook Color HD
    After Arena fights, and also during questing in palyma.
    Everyday since 8/27, anytime I play.

  • Avatar
    Bela Vdragon

    every day since the first time thunder arena appeared briefly, arena, quests, vortex, crafting ( no progress after restart)
    no message, ether black screen,frozen screen or restarts
    lost count

  • Avatar
    Pk Meng

    Samsung note 2
    Quest Amdahl and Arena Battle
    Unfortunately, Brave Frontier has stopped.
    Crash in middle of quest or while loading any next acount
    Around 5 times. Lost energy and watsed 1 gem to restore energy during metal event

  • Avatar
    Jerome Aaron Naluz

    Platform: Android
    Device: Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus
    Specific Unit/Map/Item/Feature/etc where you experienced the crash: quest
    Error Message : none but the game hanged up then automatically closes
    Date of occurrence: since the last updates
    Number of occurrence : many times

  • Avatar
    Manolet John Tan

    Andriod(Kitkat 4.4.2)
    sony xperia z2
    After Arena battles
    Unfortunately, Brave Frontier has stopped.
    every day

  • Avatar

    Platform/OS: Android

    Device: Boost Max ZTE

    Specific Unit/Map/Item/Feature/etc where you experienced the crash: Pretty much anywhere unless I'm inside a dungeon.

    Error Message (if there is any): none

    Date of occurrence: Its been happening since around a month ago, although today crashes more times than the usual.

    Number of occurrence (How many time did you experience the crash): I can say that, if I'm not inside a dungeon, I have an average 2 minutes before thebgame crashes.

  • Avatar
    Juan Miguel Manansala Soriano

    I play on android. I have these continuous crashes whenever I summon, either rare summon or honor. Just before the gate animation shows up, it crashes and when i open the app again, i have a dark blade zephyr and 5 gems are deducted. I rare summoned again and the same thing happened, when i opened, another dark blade zephyr.

  • Avatar
    Lê Tấn Trung

    Platform : Android 4.4.1
    Device : Gionee Infinity
    Specific Unit/Feature : sometimes when finish 1 arena battle
    No Error Message
    Date of occurrence: 27/8/2014 and 28/8/2014
    Number of occurrence : more than 10 times ( i don't encounter this error since afternoon 28/8/2014 but don't know if it 'll happen again )

  • Avatar

    Android 4.3
    Sony Xperia TX
    Arena Battle (After viewing results)
    Crash with no error message
    2 out of 3 times while doing Arena Battles

  • Avatar

    OS : Android Jelly Bean 4.3
    Samsung Galaxy SIII GT I-9300
    Error Occured :
    1. After the Arena, black screen and then Brave Frontier has stop ( Unfortunetely, Brave Frontier has stop). Happened many times, lost my Arena Orbs :(
    2. Lag when Duel-SGX doing Regular attack. This is always happened!

  • Avatar

    Platform/OS: Android
    Device: Samsung Galaxy 4s
    Random crash at everywhere
    No message the game just hangs and crash out
    Thursday, August 28, 2014
    6-7 times if not undercount

  • Avatar
    Luke Aquino

    IOS 7.1.2
    Device: Iphone 5
    During all quests while using auto battle
    no error message
    About 3/4 days ago
    Too many time to count

    good luck and thanks :)

  • Avatar
    iqbal arindra

    Platform / OS : Android 4.4.2
    Device : Samsung Galaxy S5
    Specific Unit/Map/Item/Feature/etc where you experienced the crash: After Arena Battle
    Error Message : Unfortunately, Brave Frontier has stopped.
    Date of occurrence: since thunder vortex arena arrived.
    Number of occurrence : Tons already lost co

  • Avatar
    A Anyay Cocolova

    iOS 7.1.2
    the New iPad
    Frail spirit of the forest, Blood forest, St Lamia, Mistral
    no error message. when I finished boss, game suddenly exit to homescreen. I open it again found lost en and nothing I recieve(zel,karma,units)
    occurred 2 days ago
    occurred 2 times

  • Avatar

    Android 4.4.2

    Samsung Galaxy S5

    After Arena battle

    Error Message after crash: Unfortunately, Brave Frontier has stopped.

    Last Occurrence: today

    Countless time of occurrences

  • Avatar
    Felix Pratama Kusuma
    Android / Kitkat
    Motorola X
    After Arena or Quest
    Unfortunately, Brave Frontier has stopped.
    Starting from 26 August 2014 till now
    around 10 times or more already
  • Avatar
    Navi Mil

    Platform/OS: Apple iOS 7.1.2
    Device: iPhone 5s
    Specific Unit/Map/Item/Feature/etc where you experienced the crash: After quest, during battle, after selection of units to fuse and before fusing animation, when accessing or exiting the town
    Error Message (if there is any): connection error, unexpected error, no messages, the app just closes.
    Date of occurrence: 27 Aug 2018 (GMT +8)
    Number of occurrence (How many time did you experience the crash): After the first 3 times, I stopped playing for the day. After logging in a few hours later, the problem persisted for 2 more times and I stopped playing again. Logged in a total of 4 times that day, each time crashed once or twice before i stopped trying.

  • Avatar
    Lau Feng Wei

    Samsung Note 3.
    After every match in arena it crash.
    Brave frontier is not responding.
    Every time after arena match.

  • Avatar

    Android 4.4.2
    Samsung Note 3
    After Quests / Arena
    Unfortunately, Brave Frontier has stopped
    Past 2 days, 27 - 28 August
    Too many times.

  • Avatar

    Android 4.4.4 Nexus 5
    During quest in mistral during battle when attacking
    Error:unfortunately brave Frontier has stopped
    Number of occurrences about 5

  • Avatar
    Brent Hilgers

    Galaxy Note 3
    Specific: kicks me of only when I attack
    Error message:unfortunately brave frontier has stopped working
    date of occurance: three days
    Between 10-15 times
    I even uninstalled the game 3 hoping it would fix it but it didn't

  • Avatar

    Android 4.4.4
    Nexus 5
    After Arena battle and in Quest(if auto battle on)
    Most of the time

  • Avatar

    Platform/OS : android 4.1.2
    Device : samsung s6310
    Crashes happened randomly. Freeze and force close by itself
    No message
    After lastest update
    Didnt count it, everyday happen n has been more than 10 times

  • Avatar
    Wilhelm Heinlein
    Platform/OS : Android 4.2.2. Jelly bean
    Device : LG G2
    Specific Unit/Map/Item/Feature/etc where you experienced the crash :
    Almost every 3rd time finishes arena (sometimes 1st), before entering  vortex ( oasis of gods), and once when claiming gift from friends
    Error Message (if there is any) : none , just closes the game and back to my phone home screen
    Date of occurrence : Aug 27-28 ( fewer times happens before Aug 27 )
    Number of occurrence (How many time did you experience the crash) : 

    15 times , forgot how many since it's too much

  • Avatar
    Daniel Daluz

    Platform/OS: Android 4.1.2
    Device: Sony Xperia Acro S
    Specific Unit/Map/Item/Feature/etc where you experienced the crash: Occurs sometimes Before and sometimes After the following: Arena Battle, Quest, Vortex, When opening units, When claiming key in IMperial Capitl Randall, When opening summon.
    Error Message (if there is any): No error message, game just close instantly
    Date of occurrence: Since Electric Showdown Vortex appeared
    Number of occurrence (How many time did you experience the crash): Multiple times more than 20 times just this day.

  • Avatar

    Platform : Android 2.3
    Device : table Nexus 7
    Crash when evolve Tesla from 5* to 6* , and when set it in main squad, game crash too , now game loading and crash , can't login in game one day !

  • Avatar
    Jakub Karasiewicz

    Xperia Z2
    When joining battle/vortex
    "Unfortunately, Brave Frontier has stopped."
    Lost count

  • Avatar

    Android 4.1.2
    Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
    Occur during battle randomly
    Error message: An unexpected error has occurred
    Date: Since last 2 weeks
    Number of occurrence : Lost count

  • Avatar
    Brian Alfaro

    iPhone 5
    While in a quest
    No error comes up, it just crashes

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