Unlock "Silver Screen Legends" slot machine!

gumi Support Team -

You can unlock the Silver Screen Legends slot machine by just following the indicated instructions below;

1. Login your Facebook account in a browser, we prefer you using your desktop browser in this method.
2. Open and "Like" the official Slots Reel Frontier page or by going to this link: https://www.facebook.com/SlotsReelFrontier.
3. After liking, go to this page: Silver Screen Legends Redemption Page.
4. You will be able to see the page shown below. Just hit the Generate button to get your free Redemption/Voucher Code.

5. Open Slots Reel Frontier app then redeem your code, enjoy the newly unlocked Silver Screen Legends slot machine.

If you want to know or need a guide on how to use your generated code, please read the article here.

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