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The Vortex Arena also known as the Elemental Arena is an event which you will you need to challenge the arena using a team composed of a specified element, which explains the name given. Each victory will earn you an amount of Victory Points which in turn helps to attain rank.

The Vortex Arena also uses a ranking system separated by Overall and Daily ranks. Each milestone gives out a certain reward fitted for the rank. The best part of the event is that the highest reward previously is a global exclusive unit for the specific elemental arena.

The future re-run of the Vortex Arena rewarded Spheres and Elgifs for Top Ranking players. You may also want to check the Vortex Arena Rules for more details.

Click or tap the images below to open the details of the Global Exclusive unit.

Vortex Arena Season


Disclaimer: Be reminded that each reward for the Vortex Arena may change depending on the current season or release. Aside from that, there is a chance that a global exclusive content may find its way to the other versions of the game due to popularity and demand, in that situation it will not take away that a specific content came from and is released first from Brave Frontier Global.

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