How can I perform Refresh Data in my Brave Frontier app?

gumi Support Team -

Please be reminded that performing a Refresh Data in your Brave Frontier app will delete all downloadable content to be able to re-download it again. Basically, the Refresh Data process fixes all errors or issues related to patches or corrupted files, by replacing all old files or content data with a new one.

Such corrupted files or patches may occur during download of new content or update due to numerous reasons and situations such as intermittent connections, device issues, and many more.

Refresh Data Proper

1. Open Brave Frontier app.
2. Tap or open Menu.

3. After opening Menu, go to Settings.

4. Upon opening the Settings category, scroll down until you see the Refresh Content.
5. Tap the Refresh button to continue.

6. Choose Yes, after tapping the Refresh button to confirm and execute the Refresh Data process. The system will automatically handle the rest of the necessary steps, if you start with the re-downloading content or has seen the download bar then it means that you have successfully performed the process.


Remember, that before performing this action, it is necessary to link your account to Facebook to be able to restore your game data afterwards. Failure to link your game may lead to a loss of account. If you want to know how to link your game, then please do read this article.

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