I recently updated Brave Frontier app, but the changes did not reflect?

gumi Support Team -

Please be reminded that this is a common issue in Brave Frontier that most players are unaware of. After every update either by in-game update, via App Store, Google Player Store or even the Amazon Store we always advise players and each everyone of you to restart your app. Restarting the application also means that you should ensure that Brave Frontier is not running in the background. Only then that the full content of the patch or update will reflect or take in effect.

If you failed to receive the changes in the app after the update, restarting the app and/or the device, do not hesitate to contact us so we can have a look. If you are unaware on how to contact us, please read this article.

Disclaimer: Any lost or failure to see an update due to this will not be liable to gumi or Brave Frontier Global. Each update as any other app or software needs a restart for changes to properly take place.

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