What is a Player ID and how can I find it?

gumi Support Team -

Your Player ID is a combination of characters (letters & numbers) designated and unique to your account. This is the identification used by end-users to add or refer friends, it is very important that each user or players knows of his/her ID since it can also be used for filing concern to the game support team.

How to get your Player ID:

1. Open Puzzle Trooper app.
2. Touch to the upper left corner of the screen to Open Menu. Please refer to image below in red box;

3. Upon opening the Menu, locate the Social button below of the of the said category.

4. After Social, go to Add Friend.

5. After hitting the Add Friend button you will be able to see the image below which indicates your Player ID. (Smudge was made to the current Player ID indicated in the image below)

6. Please take note and remember your Referral/Player ID, since this is the best way for us to help you so we locate your account faster and better.

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