The Battle Maidens

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The Battle Maidens is one of the first global exclusive content made for Brave Frontier Global. This consists of both dungeons and attainable units released as a Vortex event. The reward units are only obtainable by chance which made the event a challenging and compelling content to most of the users or players. Some may not know, but the Battle Maidens was inspired and based on Puzzle Trooper's Spicy Strike Angels; another gumi game.

If you want to know more, click images below to see specific unit reward.

If you want to see more information about the Battle Maiden event, please go to this link then scroll down and see the Battle Maidens section.

Due to the massive success and overwhelming response from the Brave Frontier community around the globe, the Battle Maidens was soon after released to the Japan version of Brave Frontier thus ending the Global Exclusivity of the content.

Content Information

Type: Special Event Dungeon

First Release: March to May, 2014

Difficulties: 3 (10/20/30 En Cost)


  • FireMaiden Cayena (3 Star – can evolve up to 5 Star)
  • WaterMaiden Serin (3 Star – can evolve up to 5 Star)
  • EarthMaiden Bayley (3 Star – can evolve up to 5 Star)
  • ThunderMaiden Fennia (3 Star – can evolve up to 5 Star)
  • LightMaiden Vanila (3 Star – can evolve up to 5 Star)
  • DarkMaiden Lico (3 Star – can evolve up to 5 Star)

Note: Re-run of the Vortex Dungeon happens irregularly. Be on the look out for future re-run in our official Facebook Page.

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