Unacceptable Gift Exists

gumi Support Team -

This error message shows up when you already reached the maximum limit that the game allows you to redeem a specific reward from the Present/Gift Box. Rewards can be an item, keys, honor points and more. In order for you to redeem the reward you will just need to use some of the remaining items, honor points etc.

Honor Points

  • The system can only accommodate a maximum of 10,000 honor points from the Gift Box.

Metal and Jewel Keys

  • Maximum limit is 10 for each key type.

The best example for this is the honor points; once you have reached the limit for honor points and you still have an existing honor points remaining in your Present Box. The said error message will automatically pop up in the game if you try to redeem it. You will just need to use some of your remaining honor points before trying to redeem it again. That should do the trick.

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