I lost my account!

gumi Support Team -

If you ever find yourself in a situation that you have lost your account or have logged out of your device, do check the following situation;

  • Is your account linked to Facebook or
  • You are using a Guest account.

1. If you are sure that you were able to link your account to your Facebook profile before you lost it then you can read the article Here to be able to restore your account.

2. If not, and you are using a Guest account we best advise that you send us your concern via our Game Support page so we can further help you out. Be sure to include the following;

  • Player ID (Main Account)
  • New Player ID, if you created a new one.

In such case, that you cannot remember your main account's Player ID, the support team will need to get some specific details from you so we can isolate and determine your account from the account pool. Such details are the following;

  • Username/Account Name
  • Account Level
  • Last device used to play
  • Date of account creation
  • Date of last log-in
  • Prominent units and levels
  • Other information which you think can help us (Optional)

The more information you can provide to our Support the easier it is for us to help you with your account.

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