Get a free unit - Like the Brave Frontier Global Facebook page and generate a free code

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As a bonus for new players, Brave Frontier Global is giving away free unit depending on your current device or platform. You only need to do the following below;

How to Redeem Zephu or Weiss

1. Like Brave Frontier Global's page by following this link
2. Then open the link below dependin on your current device, you will only get a specific unit depending on your device. You cannot pick from one to another.

  • For Android (Weiss), click Here
  • For iOS (Zephu), click Here

3. After clicking a link, Click the Generate button to get your Redemption/Voucher Code. See sample image below;

4. You will be able to get your Free unit by using the code generated by the system and redeeming it inside the game. If you are unaware on how to use your code refer to this link.
5. Enjoy your free unit!

If you're having issues claiming your free unit then check this article

Reminder: Each Redemption code is only usable once and each account can only redeem one unit.

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