What do the stats of my units mean?

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Each unit in Brave Frontier has stats that affect its performance. Here are the basic stats of the units in Brave Frontier and what they do:

  • Lv - This is the current level of your unit. Each unit can have different maximum levels. Higher star units can reach higher levels.


  •  COST - This stat shows the cost of a unit to include in a squad. Your maximum squad cost goes up every few levels. If a unit's cost causes you to exceed your maximum then you cannot include it in your squad.

Note: Cost does not affect the performance of a unit.


  • HP - This represents your unit's health. If a unit takes damage, it is deducted from this total. Once a unit's HP reaches 0, it is defeated.
  • ATK - This represents the amount of damage your unit can deal. The higher it is the better.
  • DEF - This represents the amount of damage your unit reduces when it is attacked.
  • REC - This stat determines how much healing a unit receives from potions & Heart Crystals.


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