How can I evolve my units?

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To be able to maximize your units potential you should know how evolve your units. Evolving your units means raising their capability such as attributes and skills to the next level or tier, thus making them more effective and fearsome in battle. If you want to know how to evolve your units then continue reading this article.

Evolution Proper

1. Launch Brave Frontier app, if the game is currently open then proceed to step 2.
2. Tap Unit button to access a number of selection related to units. See image in red mark.

3. Upon opening the selection, choose and tap Evolve Unit to open the Unit selection Window for evolution.

4. After choosing a unit, tap it to directly open the next step which is the Evolution Window. Please see image below for reference.


5. In the Evolution Window, as shown above you will need Evolution Materials and Zel to be able to continue in the evolution proper. Just make sure that you have the proper materials which is different for each unit. Reminder: If the icon for materials shows a darker or grey-out color then it means that you do not have have the material yet and you will need to find or farm it first.

6. Tap the Evolve button if you have all the requirements already. 


8. The game will proceed to animation after tapping the "Evolve" button and you should have your evolved unit.

If you want to know the different evolution materials and where to get it, please refer here. You can also check this article for the daily events, you can acquire materials by participating in it.

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