I have a Brave Frontier guest account, how can I link it to Facebook?

gumi Support Team -

If you started Brave Frontier as a guest account do not worry, you can still link your game account to Facebook to save your progress. Just follow the simple instructions below;

Facebook Linking Procedure

Before proceeding to the indicated procedure below, please ensure that the right Facebook account is currently logged-in in your Facebook app. If you do not have the app yet then we require you to download it in your device via your dedicated platform app store (iTunes/Play Store/Amazon).

1. Launch Brave Frontier app.

2. Tap and open Menu


3. Go to Settings, then scroll down until you reach the end.


4. If your current Brave Frontier account is not yet linked to a Facebook profile, you will see a Facebook banner opting you to link your account.


5. Tap the Facebook banner to continue. It should automatically link your game account to your Facebook profile if you have it logged in the Facebook App. 

6. Congratulations, your progress is now saved.

In any case that you are having problems linking your game account to Facebook and you are sure that you have not linked it yet to any account we best advise that you do a basic troubleshooting first.

If troubleshooting does not work, feel free to contact us via our game support page.

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