[iOS] I'm encountering SDK.2 and/or SDK.5 error what should I do?

gumi Support Team -

If you are encountering the SDK.2 or .5 in your iOS device, please try the following methods stated in this article.

Specific error: com.facebook.sdk error 2 / com.facebook.sdk error 5

Option 1: Allowing Brave Frontier to access your Facebook account

  1. Go to device settings
  2. Access Privacy
  3. Open Facebook app category
  4. Enable or Allow Brave Frontier app.

Option 2: Delete previous Facebook Account.

  1. Go to device Settings
  2. Open Facebook in the options under the settings' menu
  3. After opening Facebook, tap your name/account
  4. Choose and tap Delete Account.

Option 3: Updating your Password

  1. If you recently changed your Facebook account password, open Facebook then enter your new password.
  2. If your Facebook account is currently logged-in, kindly log out your account and do step 1 again.
  3. You can also go to device Settings then Facebook option. After opening, you can update your password from there after tapping your profile name.
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