My purchased Diamonds did not reflect in my account, what happened?

gumi Support Team -

Due to the number of users purchasing simultaneously there is a possibility that the Diamonds that you have purchased may be delayed for a while. We best advise that you wait it out until 24-Hours and see if it will eventually come.

In any case that you are not able to receive the Diamondss that you have purchased please escalate it to us by contacting us via our Game Support page and please do include a copy or screenshot of your Receipt of Purchase.

Please be reminded that the receipts are strictly required to verify your claim so please include it in your message to us; we will not be able to properly process your case if we do not have the said requirements above. Rest assured that the Puzzle Trooper Team is constantly looking for ways in improving our systems in regards to this issue.

In sending your concern please do not forget the following:

  • Input your Referral/Player ID, if you do not know how to get it please go Here.
  • Set "Select a reason" to "Issue with Shop"


  • Attached the receipt by using the Attachment function before sending it.


In this way we can ensure the accuracy of tracking and the rate on how fast we can resolve your concern.

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