How to Report or provide Feedback?

gumi Support Team -

You can send us your report or feedback in two ways, via your BROWSER or the APP/IN-GAME;

Game Support Page via Browser

1. Visit this link in your browser:
2. Click or Tap the Submit a request button in the upper right part of the site.


3. Fill up the needed information in the form. Please see actual screenshot below for reference.

4. Do not forget to attach some images or a screenshot related to your concern (if you have any) before sending it to us. It might help us resolve your concern faster.
5. Click Submit after filling up the complete details.

Via App or In-Game Contact Us Option

1. Open Brave Frontier
2. Touch/Open the Menu category which can be seen in the game's Home screen.
3. Choose Help and open it.
4. After opening the Help menu, you will find the Contact Us button in the upper right corner of the screen. Please refer to image below in yellow box.

5. After hitting the Contact Us button, a selection of issues can be found. If you have not found the topic for your inquiry, click Other Concerns.

6. After clicking Other Concerns, a new page will appear. Just hit I have not found the topic for my inquiry.

7. After hitting I have not found the topic for my inquiry, you will be asked to visit gumi SELF-HELP CENTER. If you still haven't found the answer to your concern, kindly tap Nope, I still haven't found the answer I was looking for.


8. Fill all the needed details before hitting Submit and you are done. Do not forget to describe your concern as briefly as possible.

Via Game Title Screen

On the title screen of Brave Frontier before tapping to fully enter the game. You will see a Support link in the upper right corner of the screen. It link will automatically direct you to the Contact Us from for your concern. See image below in red box for reference.

REMINDER: You will be receiving our reply from the e-mail address that you have given in the web form, so be sure that your e-mail is both active and yours.

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