Is there a way to log out my Brave Frontier Account from my device?

gumi Support Team -

To be able to log out your account just follow these simple steps;

1. Open Brave Frontier app.

2. Go to Menu.


3. Open Settings.


4. Scroll down to the rest of the options until you see Facebook Logout

5. Touch Facebook Logout button to proceed.


6. The said method will log out your account in your device if successfully done. Please be careful and be sure that you are really decided in doing such action.

Or if you are in the title screen and have your account already logged in you can log out by doing this:

1. In the Login Screen, on the upper right screen you will see the "Clear user cache".


2. Doing so will prompt a message window indicating to clear cache data.

Note: doing this means clearing your account data in your device. If you have not linked your Facebook account to your game account we suggest not to do this method.

3. Press "Yes" and the game will log out your Facebook account from your device.

If you encounter any difficulty or problems you can always send a message to us so we can help you out. You can view our support page in this link: Game Support.

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