The Unholy Tower (Xenon & Estia Series)

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The Unholy Tower is a three (3) part event series released separately. Basically, the first two episode contains 100 floors which Summoners needs to clear to be able to continue in the next event. Once cleared, the event can still be repeated in the summoners preference until the event duration is over. The third and last part of the series was a Prologue which delved to Xenon & Estia's past life and story before the Unholy Tower and their curse.

You can click the images below to see the reward units for each episode.

Unholy Tower Releases



In summary, the series revolves around Xenon and Estia's life and adventure in Grand Gaia, including a summoner's intervention to help them and redeem their selves from a dark curse.

Content Information

Type: Special Event Dungeon (Series)

First Release: June to July, 2014


  • Unholy Tower: 100 Floors, 10 difficulty stages (min 15 and max 25 En Cost)
  • Prologue: 3 stage/difficulties

Unit Notes: Boss randomly Spawns

  • Level 1 - 100: Dark– Sancus Xenon Lv.1 to Lv.10 (3 Star – can evolve up to 5 Star)
  • Level 101 - 200: Light– Cursed Estia Lv.1 to Lv.10 (3 Star – Can evolve up to 5 Star)
  • Prologue: Light – Xenon & Estia (Appears in Lv.3 – 5-Star)
  • Prologue: LightMiracle Bulb (Appears in Lv.2 and Lv.3 – Evolution material for Xenon and Estia 4-Star to 5-Star)


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