Getting the best out of Jewel Runs!

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Here are some tips on how you can maximize and get the best number of Zels in your Jewel Runs. First, there are two types of Jewel Runs;

  1. Gold Valley, the weekend Vortex event.
  2. Jewel Parade, requires a Jewel Key and follows the same mechanics with Metal Parade except the damage taken of the enemy units.

Basic Team Set-Up

  • Use Thief Leon and the like for the Leader Skill, then equipped the unit with Zelnite or Zel Ring. If you can equip your other units with the same spheres then do so
  • Use the same units for Metal Parade as much as possible or a squad specialized for metal parade.

Jewel Run Proper

• The Jewel Parade which requires a key to unlock requires 0 energy to run. Hence, you can utilize this feature in order to garner more zel until the time runs out.

• You can also use a damage team to finish the dungeon immediately. You can use Dark units to kill Jewel units faster.

• The faster you finish the dungeon the more chances you get to gain more zel for each dungeon run.

The 0 energy cost update also includes the Metal Parade and Imp Parade


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