Maximizing Metal Parade!

gumi Support Team -

Here some tips to maximize your Metal Parade run and cap your unit's level in the soonest possible time.

  • You can only deal one (1) damage during the run, so choose units that have multiple hits such as Serin, Douglas, Stya and the like.
  • Maximize your leader skills, use skills that can modify your damage during spark or can those that can ignore def such as the Duel GX unit. You can play around different leader skills to find what suit you best.
  • Its is best and recommended to use Gems. Simple as more energy is equivalent to more runs.
  • If you find yourself lacking energy and you only have a few minutes left in your Metal Parade run, stay indle inside the Metal Parade vortex. Wait for your energy to fill up to 15 energy and you will be able to do a last run even if the time has already expired.
  • Calculate your experience bar, proper calculation will give you free full energy during your run.
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