Is there a way to adjust Graphics Quality and turn-off Battle Effects?

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If you want to adjust the Graphics Quality and the Battle Effects of the game, just follow the instructions below;

Adjusting Graphics and Battle Effects

1. Launch Brave Frontier app.
2. Tap and open the game's Menu. See reference image below in red box.

3. After opening the Menu, go to Settings.

4. Upon opening Settings, you will see a different set of controls which you can modify. But for this guide scroll down until you see the Graphic Quality Category.

5. You will be able to adjust the Graphics Quality, choose either High or Low based on what your device can handle.
6. Aside from the Graphics Quality, if you continue to scroll down of you will see the Battle Effect settings which you can also adjust depending on your preference.

7. The first two of the Battle Effect settings are the Brave Burst Details and Battle Effects. You can enable and disable both effects.
8. Turning off the Brave Burst details means the game will not display Brave Burst effect, same with disabling the Battle Effects.

9. Last two settings under the Battle Effects id is the Background Effects and Item Drop display limit.
10. Disabling the Background has the same effect with the first two settings, in this case it refers to background graphics.
11. Item Drop Display Limits means the graphical allowable limit that the game will display. You will still get the items, Brave and Heart Crystals but the system will just hide the rest in your view or display to conserve resources.

Please be reminded that using this feature of the game can help you conserve the resources of your device and prevent it from experiencing slowness or latency and most of all, helps to prevent application crashes on your end. If you are using a low-end device then this feature is a must for you.

If you want to further adjust the settings such as disabling Video Recording, refer to the article Here.

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