Daily Login Rewards - Log in each day to claim rewards

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Everyday your Brave Frontier account will be given a chance to get FREE rewards such as Metal Gods, Zels, Materials, and Gems. Be sure to keep on logging-in each day for better rewards.


Daily Login Mechanics

1. Each day, you can obtain a random reward based on your current daily login bracket/ Rarity Bar.

2. The Daily login bracket or Rarity Bar rises every 3 consecutive logins. The feature has a total of nine (9) bars.

3. Each bar or bracket has a different set of possible rewards. The higher the bar, the better the rewards.

4. Your daily login reward will be sent to your present box.

5. Failure to log in once will result for the entire Rarity Bar to reset to level 1. This means that you will need to re-do everything again from the start.

6. The Daily Login feature will refresh every 00:00 PST [01:00 PDT]

7. To be able for the system to count your unique login for the day you will need to restart (exit and close the game) the app during the indicated refresh time, if ever you are keeping the game running in the background.

If ever you find your Rarity Bar reset or reverted to level 1, this means that the system has failed to count your login due to this reasons;

You logged into the game during the time that the Daily Login has not refreshed yet. Thus, not counting your login as unique for the next day.

You were not able to restart the app and you were not able to trigger the Daily Login Rewards feature.

You failed to log-in for one (1) day.

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