Why is my account suspended?

gumi Support Team -

Abusive action will not be tolerated, and we will uphold the integrity of the game – gumi Asia Team

If you found out that your account is currently suspended this only means one thing; you have violated the rules and regulations of Brave Frontier.

Such offenses can be the following:

• The use of Third Party Programs (3PP)

• Hacks

• Modified Client

• Bug Abuse and/or Exploits

• Other things or methods that are beyond the game’s normal operation and/or design.

• Such activity is never tolerated and will always be subjected to an investigation; once fully confirmed by the team, the sanction is PERMANENT.

To prevent experiencing such sanction, take it in our word and we do advise that you refrain from using any programs/software or anything that can exploit the game. Aside from that, it is best at all times that Brave Frontier is only downloaded from your platform’s respective app store or the following links below;

If you have any inquiries in regards to your suspended account, please do send us your concern via this link: Game Support


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