Brave Frontier: Premium Currency Management Update

gumi Support Team -

In order to improve the management of our premium currency, starting from Jan. 10, 2018 PST, we will be showing “Bonus Gems” and “Paid Gems” under player’s Gems Summary.

You can access your Gem Balance Summary via the Summary button from Shop > Purchase Gems screen, or by tapping and holding on the Gem Balance interface located at the top right corner of the game screen.


All in-app purchases offered in the game via Gems Shop from Jan. 10, 2018 PST onward will now indicate the amount of “Bonus Gems” and “Paid Gems”, and will be attributed accordingly to the Gem Balance upon purchase. All gems acquired through in-app purchases from Gems Shop before Jan. 10, 2018 PST has been attributed to Paid Gems balance.

Any Gems acquired through other sources outside the in-app purchases, such as completing battles, login rewards, and through present box will be attributed as “Bonus Gems”.

When the gems are consumed through in-game actions, “Paid Gems” will be first deducted from the overall Gem Balance. After “Paid Gems” are consumed, the “Bonus Gems” will then be used to complete the action.

If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us through our in-game Support portal: Click here.

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